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This provision meets all the Safeguarding and Welfare requirements of the Department for Educations Early Years Foundation Stage.

This means we have policies and procedures in place to ensure;


· Children are protected from harm

· Suitable people are employed

· Staff receive ongoing support and training

· Children are assigned a Key Person

· Safe ratios of adults to children

· Records of medicine administered are kept

· A balanced diet of food and drink

· Records of accidents or injuries are kept

· Behaviour is managed appropriately

· The premises, environment and equipment is safe and suitable

· Children with SEN or additional needs have arrangements in place

· Information and records of children and staff are kept safe and accessible

· Complaints can be made easily

· Any changes are notified to Ofsted


We actively seek training and will act on advice and guidance from the Local Children’s Safeguarding Board.


We will ensure our environment is fully inclusive.


We will follow all legal and recommended requirements issued by Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health and Fire Safety


The provision will be aware of its responsibilities in relation to Data Protection and we are registered with the Information Commission Office.


Risk assessments are completed on activities, trips and equipment as an integral part of the daily routine.


Any visitors will be booked in and will not be left unsupervised .


We hold settling in sessions in partnership with yourselves, regular parent consultations and will make ourselves available at the beginning and end of day for conversations.


We will not leave a child in pre school if they are too distressed, or unwell, to fully participate in the activities after modifications have been made to fully include them.


Maintenance work will be completed at a time where children are not in attendance.


If we have any concerns regarding your child’s safety or welfare we will consult with you first unless we feel this puts the child at further risk. We have a duty of care to the child.

We are fully insured.

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