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The daily routine is a basic structure for the day. It is a flexible framework and may alter according to needs of the children in attendance to ensure the day is precisely matched to suit children’s optimum dispositions to embrace the learning experiences offered. We keep transitions to a minimum to avoid disruption to children’s learning experiences and children are given a five minute warning so they are fully prepared for change. The purpose of a routine is to aid the settling in process so children can quickly anticipate what is coming next and to maintain a balance of adult led and child initiated learning experiences, optimising the experiences the children encounter at preschool.

8:30am /12:30pm = Child Initiated Learning— This  is decided upon by the child, based on their own motivations. Adults will use a range of strategies at this time to support and extend learning through their engagement with the children.  They will often observe children’s activities carefully, trying to discover what the child is thinking about and learning, so they can accurately support and extend the child’s learning focus by making changes to the environment or in planned activities. The children free flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

9:40am / 1:40pm = Registration—The children are encouraged to join us on the rug to say good morning to everyone, talk about a variety of subjects in order to develop confidence in speaking in large groups. This is also where we introduce initial letter sounds begin to support their literacy skills in readiness for school. These letter sounds are also revisited at various opportunities throughout the day. We will also take this opportunity to play a game that involves children working and thinking together as a group.

10:10am / 2:10pm = Break—This is where we all sit as a group and eat a light snack, this is a vital time in the day for children to rest, gather energy with a healthy supplement and talk about their individual thoughts and ideas which helps them consolidate the skills they have been practicing.

10:30am / 2:30pm = Adult Led Learning—Adults plan activities that are not play, but are playful with an awareness of supporting children’s progress, building on what children know and can do, and often drawing on interests and materials used in child-initiated activities by the children. This may take place anywhere in the preschool or school whichever supports the learning better.

10:50am / 2:50pm = Playground—We introduce the children to the playgrounds and fields. This gives the children a change of environment and space to be physically exuberant, exploring many different ways of moving.

11:10am / 3:10pm = Reflection and Story -We join together back on the rug and talk about the different activities we have accessed whilst we have been at preschool, again consolidating those skills practiced and improving children's self confidence by being proud of their efforts and personal achievements. It is also a time where we encourage them to think about what they might like to pursue next time and what this might look like. This then helps inform the planning of activities and opportunities for the following days and week ahead.

11:30am / 3:30pm = Home Time. If your child stays for lunch time top up this is the time we eat our main meal together as a group and then we rest and relax physically and mentally afterwards for ten minutes to allow others to finish off and to aid the digestion process.

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